Hong Kong Trip: Disneyland Resort

Choosing which place to visit between the Ocean Park or Disneyland when after you visiting Ngong Ping is easy. Disneyland is just a station away from Tung Chung station, then a disney train awaits you at the station. 

Another reason I choose Disneyland is that I want to find out how it differ to Universal Studios. The entrance fee is HKD 350. 

The resort is divided into four themed areas. Upon entering the gate, the Main street USA will be the first. Attractions included the City Hall that serves as the information and I guess the admin offices. Several restaurants and refreshments, and shop buildings completes the buildings lined along the main street. The buildings decor where identical to small town America in the late 1800s. An excursion-style steam train that encircle the resort has a station at the Main street and at Fantasyland.

Upon reaching a rotunda at the end of the main street is where the entrance to Adventureland located. It features a Tarzan's Treehouse at the middle of an island and being encircled by a river where a jungle cruise is another attraction. It is claimed that Adventureland in Hong Kong is the biggest among all Disney parks. The jungle cruise is entertaining not because of the things you'll see along the way but on how a skipper narrates the scenes. I guess it is one of the most sought after rides because the queue is way too long. While on a jungle cruise expect to see elephants playing in the water where in one point one elephant emerges from water and squirts to the boat. Giant spiders, king cobras, crocodiles, hungry piranha ready to attack boat riders complete the phase before crossing Africa area where giraffes, zebras, and african elephants stares. Then the boat passes into a village where head hunters firing spears and poison darts as the boat passes by. Then the boat stops near two unusual rock formations that resembles into faces. Skipper says they were fire god and water god that constantly feud over. While boat passes by, the fire god sets the river ablaze while the water god vomits water, that brings the climax of the cruise.

 The street parade were on going when I come out of the jungle cruise. It was grand and a nice photo op. When the parade had finished I proceeded to Theater in the Wild for the Festival of the Lion King, a musical inspired by the animated classic The Lion King. The show storyline evolves about Simba's life as presented by Rafiki. The production is grand and elaborate.

 I just basically stroll around Fantasyland until I reached the train station and hopped in and just ride on for a complete route. Another musical, The Golden Mickeys is being held at the Fantasyland. The musical is a celebration of Disney films in the form of an award show featuring the disney movie characters. 

My only ride I tried is at Orbitron, and missed the Space Mountain. Last attraction I checked into is the Small World before heeding back to the main street for the fireworks display.

So how do I find out Disneyland compared to Universal Studios? They have the same concept.  But Disneyland attractions and rides were mostly catered to children compared to Universal Studios. But the shows like the Festival of the Lion King and the fireworks display are enough reason to visit Disneyland.