Red Bull Street Speed Singapore

The Orchard Road became a play ground of former Formula One driver David Coulthard last sunday!  Part of Orchard Road was closed to traffic and shoppers-by and spectators were treated to high pumping  stunts, as the former Red Bull F1 driver  raced the Renault Red Bull F1 race car for an hour along Orchard Road. He also performed burnouts, engine brakes, short sprints, and donuts stunts.

I was stationed far from the action and was frustrated not to be able to take close up shots. Even my panning shots were lousy. But at least I enjoyed the show which is more important heheh. I realized that I have never touched my camera for quite sometime now. 

This is how I spent Easter Sunday. 

David Coulthard in the middle

these promo ladies keep passing back and forth in front of us and kinda distracting heheh

the only decent shot of the car I have taken
the donuts stunt, photo grab from xin.msn