Gunung Kawi Temple, Bali Indonesia

Another Bali's ancient temple complex is the Gunung Kawi temple situated in a hidden deep valley surrounded by rice fields. The complex uniqueness from the other temples is its carved shrines and royal tombs on a solid rock hill. It is believed that the shrines were dedicated to a king ruler, his queen and sons, and his concubines. 

The complex can be reached thru a descending paved paths with lines of souvenirs shops on its side that leads down into the valley with a river. It is surrounded by scenic rice fields. Entrance to the complex is through a rock carved opening with a set of decorated umbrellas and jars that contained holy water. There is a signage that instruct visitors to sprinkle water from the jar upon entry. 

The complex comprises ten shrines, carved in rock on both sides of the rock face of the valley, and stands seven meters in height. The river that  flows  within the complex believed to have divine properties, thus the Gunung Kawi temple is an important source of holy water.

The starting point to the descending steps
The souvenir shops along the narrow path leading to the temple

The first set of carved shrines on one side of the valley. These shrines has no interior chambers.
The temple set in the middle of the complex

Entrance to the niches section
A tomb-like structure at the center
The niches 
The other set of carved shrines on the other side of the valley
Kids swimming on the river
The scenic rice fields sorrounding the temple complex
Gunung Kawi is located 50 kilometers away from Kuta town. Entrance to the temple costs Rp 6000 and sarong is available at the entry point. Don't be deceive of buying a sarong at the sellers on the street unless you want to have one. Sellers were forceful by telling visitors you need to buy sarong in order to get inside the temple.