Thaipusam Singapore 2010

Another event that took place last Saturday was Thaipusam festival where Singaporean Hindus in the street procession emanates from one temple to another temple four kilometers away traversing major streets of Singapore. I caught the procession along Tank Road while I was on my way to the Singapore Art Museum. This is my second time to witnessed such event.

Thaipusam is a Hindu thanksgiving celebration in honor of Lord Murugan who represents virtue, youth and power and is the destroyer of evil. Devotees carry milk-pot offerings and others attach kavadis (large metal frames) to their bodies using hooks and spikes! The kavadi bearers were joined by supporters maybe relatives who drum and chat in the procession. There were devotees who I spotted hang weighs hooked on their skin, elevated wooden slipper with nail spikes. This reminds me of Holy Week back home.