Long weekend

I still have not blog the things i have done on the trip I made to Vietnam. I am supposed to do that as a third entry but I cant find time to really make one. Lately I find it hard to compose a detailed entry, the reason maybe is that my mind is not there and was pretty occupied with work. Though the building upgrading job is not demanding technically but more so on physical aspect that keep me distracted from blogging. As our work is concentrated on residential flats where there are residents in it. The job while requires you to supervise thoroughly the ongoing construction but more so on the safety and convenience of the residents occupying the building undergoing construction. Mind you its a challenging work, whoever might say it is an easy job compared to a normal construction site must experience it firsthand, as the responsibility is more like to hell freezes over thing heheh.

Anyway last saturday is Deepavali and it's a national holiday, so it was busy weekend for me. And since Monday is my off day too, I have three days to spend last weekend.

Being Deepavali, the Istana, the official residence of the president of Singapore, was open to the public for the whole day. So I spend the late morning around the palace grounds and toured inside the palace, though not all but portions of the ground floor only. These were the Banquet Hall, the room where the president receives state visitors, and the main lobby. At the banquet hall, instead of foods on the dining tables, the items the presidents receives from other head of states are the ones on display. Its quite interesting to see the items as it is labeled by the giver country and groups according to items received. The gifts were really reflects the identity of the country were it came from. Too bad taking pictures were not allowed inside the palace.

But outside you can free to do anything that pleases you, I mean you can take pictures as what I did, picnicking, kidsplay, things like that. I have the grand time taking pictures.

In the afternoon I visited the Asian Civilization Museum. Entrance is free so it was my chance to check the Land of the Morning, the Philippines and its People exhibit at the Museum Gallery. Taking pictures of the items on display is not allowed, thank God I only noticed the warning notice after I took a few. The exhibit will run until January 10, 2010. The centerpiece of the exhibit is a huge old altar salvage from an old demolish church somewhere in the Visayas. If you happen to be here in Singapore or planning to come here, include visiting the Museum in your itinerary.

Friday night I roamed around Little India to just feel the festivities and tried some authentic indian food.

Then Sunday and Monday was spent in Tioman Island, Malaysia.