Arriving Ho Chi Minh City

It's my first time to travel to Vietnam yet I have no apprehension whatsoever for the travel. I booked the flight 3 months ago so though I have to wait that long, it didn't cross to my mind to feel fear for the trip.

My flight was scheduled 7:35 in the morning, so I was at Changi terminal 1 at 5:45 and waiting for boarding at gate C15 by 6:30. My ticket says I will arrive Ho Chi Minh at 8:25am, which means the travel time will be less than an hour. Considering how far apart the two countries are, I thought it's a mistake, but was confirmed by the check in counter personnel that Vietnam is one hour behind Singapore.

By 6:55am, the line for boarding started. My assigned seat is 3A so I belonged to the last batch to be boarded.

theJetstar plane that will bring me to Saigon

By 8:00am local time, I was seeing the city landscape and landed just in time.

window view

Soon as I cleared immigration, I immediately leave the terminal and took a cab.

Some interesting shoot while on my way to the hotel. Along the way, I spotted a very familiar signage that I thought for a second I was traveling in a Manila street. There is Jolibee in Ho Chi Minh!

By 9:00am I was already checked in at a $36 a night room. I had a wonderful stay in this hotel.

Spring Hotel superior room

My tour started after 30 minutes after I settled in.