iLight at the Marina Bay

Now on its second year, the iLight Marina Bay 2012 is a sustainable light art festival that features more than 30 light art installations displayed along the Marina Bay waterfront. Here's some of the installations that I find interesting and visually stimulating.

Light of the Merlion is a light projection over the surface of the sculpture. The public can change the colors using an interactive screen.The artist is OCUBO from Portugal.

Key Frames is a stick-like figures that comes to life in a choreographed display of light and sound creating a sense of movement and spectacle. It is set up in a stage like platform facing the grandstand as the viewing stage. The artist is Groupe LAPS from France.
Garden of Light is an animated projection at the facade of the Art Science Museum using a 3D mapping technology creating a variety of light and sound effects.The artist is Hexogon Solution from Singapore.
Receptacle is a set of three homely structures where pieces of embroidered cloth in squares hanged under the roof. The artist is Marine Ky, a Cambodian. The artist wants visitors to create their own memories and belonging while viewing the installation.
 Bibigloo is made up of polyethylene jerry cans arranged in layers to form an igloo. The artist is Bibi, from France.
Coral Garden is an installation of coral-like sculptures made of cocktail stirrers. The artist is Olivia d'Aboville, a Filipino. The artist wants to convey awareness on effort to reform damaged reefs.
Planting Shadows is made up of sunflowers in black and white, becomes colorful at night. The artist Vertical Submarine is a group of Singaporean artists.