Chasing Sunrise at Punggol Beach

Doing sunrise photo-shoot is an interesting but can be frustrating sometimes because there is always no guarantee that it will turn out to be as you want at that particular day as the weather always factors in. With all the planning and effort of waking up early only to be robbed by cloud is a bit disappointing. This happened to me few times already and the one I can never forget is the sunrise photoshoot at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia months back. Arriving on site still dark on cold weather only to be greeted by darkened cloud and hid the sun until  midday.

But the one Kath's Eye and I did in Punggol Beach month back is quite interesting though not stunning enough I managed to capture decent shots. Though the cloud hovered the sun early on, still it granted us nice and interesting sunrise.

After that  we explored the area and shoot some more on the goings on at the surrounding area. It is always a delight to be in the beach in the early mornings.