July missed out

I have no single entry the whole month of July. Procrastination and busy work are the reasons for no update. I went back home second week of July for a week short vacation. The week before that I was rushing out some office work need to complete before I go for work off. Add to that I was rushing up shopping for presents to bring home, not that I bought more but what consumed more time was deciding and picking what to bring home. I did not ask since I wanted to surprise them as no one knows I will be coming home, but I was the one surprised as everybody knew already that I will be coming home. The culprit was my cousin whom I have chatted weeks before, unwittingly mentioned to her mother, my auntie from Laguna who went to our house for a few days vacation with her sister, my mother.

I planned to visit Caramoan Islands during my vacation. In fact I called Gota Village for room availability and reservation for two days but were closed due to Survivor tv show cast and crew encampent. I managed to get a room assurance from West Peninsula Villas as it is the only decent resort I think based on the pictures published in their website. The day I suppose to go to Caramoan Islands which is just two hours from our house being my town and Caramoan belongs to the same province, the entire province was experiencing typhoon and under signal no. 2. I did not push my luck since heavy rain and strong winds were already experienced as early as 6 in the morning that day. Comes evening the entire province was in total darkness and I guess the whole Bicol region as well due to typhoon. When power was restored the next two days, we learned that Manila was badly hit by the typhoon too.

Practically I just stay home during my entire vacation, and decided to come back to Manila two days before my trip back to Singapore. I spent it at Pansol, Laguna for hot spring experience, but even this one ends in a sour note. The resort I checked in looked nice and enticing on their website, but it was horrible place and service is unbearable. I traveled all the way to this place to experience hot spring only to get cold and empty pool, cold shower and an empty bathtub. There is nothing in the room except bed and table, no tv, no telephone line. No one to contact as the reception is close the whole time I was there.

But what compensate the trip this part of Laguna was the visit to Rizal Shrine in nearby Calamba, and got the idea on how the national hero live during his early childhood. I was fascinated how it was then the comfort room looks like and surprised that the kitchen is very similar to our dirty kitchen on my childhood years.

To some up I still enjoy my week vacation, I experienced once again typhoon heheh which I have not while in Singapore. But the main reason I did enjoy, I was reunited again with my family and friends. It's nice to reconnect to one's root to be reminded of owns belonging.