Looking back

In three days, another year will become into past year. No matter what was the outcome to us of the year that was, we always look back and review the events that shaped our life. I myself has never given it a thought in the past, its not my habit of assessing the things that I have done in my life in the year that past. But I make an exemption this time, but I have nothing interesting to share personally so instead I concentrate on the trips I have made the whole year.

It was this year that I become active traveling that I have been to different places some of them first time. I went back to thePhilippines in April as my birthday gift to myself and visited Guimaras and Iloilo in the visayas, and to Manila before heading back to Singapore. It was not my first time to be there but since it was an invitation and was drooling for the beach so I went.

In June I went to Bintan Indonesia for a weekend holiday sort of. It's my first time and it was quite an experience. I was acting like a rich man spending thousands of money for a holiday heheh. Can you imagine bringing in two million rupiah as a pocket money lol!

August I find myself in Malacca and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur was my home for three years years ago, so it was like homecoming to me and once there pictures of life back then instantly flashed in my mind. But it was my first time to be in Malacca and I felt in love with the place, theres this feeling of traveling back into yesteryears sort of thing lol.

September I went out again this time I just fence-hopped to Johor Bahru Malaysia. How far it is from my place you may asked? My place is just two bus stop to Causeway Bridge that link Singapore to Malaysia, so let say I already enjoyed sightseeing there while I am still inside the mrt if going to Orchard road.

October I went back to Malaysia for the third time. I went to Tioman Island for island and beach tripping. I have a not so nice experience going there but I must admit I enjoyed the place, and I want to go back there to explore the other side of the island, and I hope it will going to be a new experience sans the not so nice. It was on that same month the I went out farther from Singapore but within southeast asia. I went to Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. I enjoyed my trip there and must say I want to go back there next year given time and budget heheh, and it would be Hanoi this time.

November I went back to the Philippines and spends some time with the family. It is always nostalgic and I must say cash draining one compared to the usual travel trip lol. Need I say more? And this month also that I went to Jakarta for the first time.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

CamSur Watersports Complex, Philippines

Jakarta, Indonesia