Catching Louis Vuitton in Orchard Road

On the night of my regular monthly errand and after completing my transaction at the Lucky Plaza, I did not immediately went home but decided to stay for awhile and laze around in the vicinity. I chose the spot fronting the Tangs Mall just behind the underpass entryway to the mrt. There I stood pretending I was waiting for someone. I don't usually do this kind of thing but that night was an exception just to broke the monotony of the usual. I ended up people watching and proved to be engaging. A couple Caucasian tourist were taking their pictures in front of the mall unmindful of their audience who are group of local students trying to make fun of the couple's behavior. A couple popping cigarette and trying to outdo each other by blowing the smoke the farthest. But what struck me was this young couple pitting right close near to where I stand, and we're not even in a crowded place. Was I being enticed by this couple to join them later? This question crossed my mind only after they left, talking about slow clue getter.

After they left, my attention was diverted to what's going on at the other side of the road. From where I stood, it appears to me that the Louis Vuitton store in the soon to open Ion Orchard mall has been launched. I got curious to what going on, I crossed street and seated in one of the bench nearby. It was a glitzy affair, the guests must be the who's who in high society, were wearing all black ensemble, and one by one being photographed infront of a wall bearing the store name and logo similar to a oscar award night, though I have not recognized any one in the crowd. This Louis Vuitton store is the biggest store in Southeast Asia, and the store exterior feature a custom-made curved glass facade inspired by the 'folds of a scarf' which is attached on the ceiling so it appears to be hanging, truly a unique one.

The Ion Orchard mall will soon to open later this month, and judging from the high end store names plastered on the facade, this mall will definitely stand out among the existing ones along this shopping strip. Another feather for Orchard Road, being synonymous with shopping. Tourist brochures refer to it as the "Fifth Avenue, the Regent Street, the Champs Elysées, the Via Veneto and the Ginza of Singapore". Huge malls selling everything you can imagine line the road.

But at present the whole stretch of Orchard road is undergoing enhancement works. These works will be completed maybe before the year end, so its not really enjoyable to leisurely stroll at this time. Part of this enhancement, were these glass installations along the sidewalk which looks nice at night with all the neon lights attached to it, but would it be safe to have it in a crowded sidewalk?

While inside the mrt on my way home, I still into it, the people watching. What caption can you make with this picture?


  1. Ayan may picture na! Bago pa ang header! paburger ka naman?! berger! berger! jijijijijiji

  2. Caption? Busy busihan sa mrt!para deadma sa camera kunyari stolen shot! haha!

  3. @ JD : oo ba, anytime tapos san mig na, lol

    @ Sherwin : pwede!

  4. Yehey! o mokong ikaw witness... manlilibre daw si pareng brag... jijijijijiji