The Peri-Peri Chicken of Nando’s

I thought it was just ordinary grilled chicken, so when my friend/ colleague told me to try having lunch at Nando’s  I just  say yes but did not take the initiative to seriously go for it.
But yesterday while I was in Johor Bahru and cannot decide what to go for lunch, it cross my mind to locate Nando’s at City Square Mall just outside the CIQ Complex. Despite of numerous visits to the mall I have no idea where it is located. So I keep going up and coming down to locate the restaurant.  Finally I decided to go to the basement and just go for Japanese sushi. Alas Nando’s is also at the basement and situated in a concealed corner.

So how’s the food?

Welcome back to me

I tried many times to return back to blogging, and during those times I struggled so hard to gain the momentum, I have many things in my mind to tell and to share, personal milestones, travel holidays and things that I want to share. But words just don’t come out easily to develop into sentences and turns into paragraphs to form a story.
I kept on trying and everything ended to nothing. But during those times I keep checking my blog to see and check my readers. I am happy that even it is not active it still get readers.

On Good Friday

On Good Friday we remember the day Jesus willingly suffered and died by crucifixion as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins  - 1 John 1:10

Fashion Night Out 2014 at Orchard Road Singapore

Last night, part of Orchard Road was transformed into a fashion runway for the annual Fashion Steps Out. There were close to 150 models who walked from Ion Orchard to Paragon Mall donning the designs of local fashion brands. 

I took this opportunity to do my photo shoot, Its been a while that I haven't touch my dslr. I was not happy with the result I took but at least I got to use my camera.

I got no fashion knowledge so my favorite was the beach wear collection lol.