My Singapore Grand Prix Expérience

I finally succumbed to F1 fever for the first time since the Formula 1 race comes to Singapore. The inaugural race three years ago here I was just an outsider and contented to just experience it on the big screen at Clarke Quay open area. The next year I almost convinced to buy a ticket but decided to just be on the sidelined, so I just roamed around the Asian Civilzation Museum grounds just outside the Gate 5.

Why my blog is inactive lately?

Its been awhile since this blog has been updated. In the past I made it a point to at least write an entry one in a week and I always have time to do so. But these past days I had a hard time to update not because I have nothing to say but because its just that I don't have the urge anymore to make one. Sorry but its just that the interest in me to blog was no longer there. This kind of situation happened to me before. If you will backtrack my entries there are long gaps of in between entries, and this is happening to me again. Lately I have been trying hard to gain back the interest in blogging and slowly conditioning my mind to once again become active to blogging.