I've got mail, hilarious one!

Before iPhone, I go nuts sometimes checking my mails on yahoo because of spam mails. Most of them landed on my inbox and takes my time deleting. Friends who have friends who also have friends that either  afraid to die, or so desperate for luck, or just being naive, or too religious. Just imagine a friend of you threatening that something will happen to you much worse to your love one if you will not also forward the letter to your own group of friends. But there are some that I most welcome especially if I receive it at an opportune time. Below is one of them. I received this this morning in my yahoo mailbox. I enjoyed watching Diego reciting these rhymes in Bubble Gang tv show. These are not to be read, you have to sing them,  and you don't have to be baklush right?


Bubukesh ang floweret

jojosok ang reynabelz

shochurva ng chacha

pa jembot jembot fah

boom tiyayavush

tiyayavush chenes

boom tiyayavush

tiyayavush chenes


Pen pen de chorvaloo

de kemerloo de eklavoo

hao hao de chenelyn

de ba yutech

si friti dapat iipit



sa tabi ng chenes

shoyang fula

talong na fula

shoyang fute

talong na mapute

chuk chak chenes

namo uz ek



ning ning galore ng buwan

pag-counting ng krompu

naka shogu na kayey











mga beki

andetrax na si atashi


aketch may nyologa

solang majuba

juntot ay majoba

majinis ang nyukha

halgay niya aketch

halgay ko rin siyasi

kaya mekey mudwa

laging magkajoma


jompung mga joliri

jomay at tiil

joluwang jenga

joluwang tameyk

jilong na magandich

majijiit ng ngipin

majurap ilafez

jilang majiit nagjojobing

wag kang magjijinungalin


indian shona


shotlong jitlog

jojolog jolog

indian jona


shotlong jitlog

jojolog jolog


valer kuberch

kahit jutay

ang julamantrax dochi

ay anek anek

nyongkamas at nyutring

nyogarilyas at kipey

nyitaw, nyotaw jutani

kundol, jutola

jupo't jolabastrax

at mega join join pa

jubanox, nyustasa

nyobuyas, nyomatis

nyowang at luyax

at around the keme ay

fulness ng linga


akez ay may lobing

nag flysung sa heaven

wiz ko na na sighting

nyomutok na palerz

shoyang lang ang adeks

pang buysung ng lobing

nyuti pa pang lafez

nyomusog pa akez

No facebook?

I am a big fan of Christine's
happyslip. I just love her videos and this one's really made my day.

Hahah facebook fever really...

Oh you have one? friends?

I was tagged!

 Reena tagged me. Since her Reena's Thoughts blog is my top referrer, thanks Reena, I succumb to do this. Here's 25 things that will reveal some of me.

1. Eversince this tagging had surfaced, it become part of my prayer me not being tagged, thanks again Reena (no pun intended),  now I can stop praying that, lol.

2. I am an erratic excessive compulsive person, figure that out.

3. I like my gadget colored white.

4. I collect mugs bearing the name of countries and places I had visited.

5. I buy every issue of FHM Philippines even when I am out of the country working. I stop now, this is my last.

6. I like my bed with comforter no matter how hot the weather is.

7. I enjoyed buying cheap items in Ikea.

8. I prefer watching movies during opening hours.

9. I am kapuso and a tv addict.

10. I am tampororot guy, can't get rid of it.

11. I used to afraid deep, diving changed it.

12. I am now homebody, thanks to macbook.

13. If I like a certain food, i keep eating it for days.

14. I ridicule people, sometimes heheh.

15. I get high buying sale hard-bound fiction books, the cheaper the price the higher I got high lol. Bought these at 7.92 sing dollar each the other day at Popular Bookstore.


16. I made a list of tasks I plan to do, to achieve this year, and not a single task has ever been done, still early I guess which brings me to next item.

17. I love to cram.

18. If you let me wait, expect something from me that you will not going to like. So be warned.

19. I have this habit of rearranging the furniture in the house very so often because...

20. I get easily bore.

21. I can't sleep without taking a hot shower and lukewarm milk no matter how tired I am. 

22. If I sleep very late I wake up very early.

23. I got easily annoyed to preposterous opinions.

24. I can't sleep without a pillow under my feet.

25. Been to wasting time in the dark corners in the park.

This tag ends with me, am I allowed to as I have no one to tag?

In search of pinoy food

Sunday I craved for pinoy food, pinoy inasal food. 

I heard it before that there is Jollibee and Mang Inasal at Lau Pa Sat. I did not pay attention then since I don't really believe there is one, and besides I was partial to local food then and even now. Singapore is really a food haven for it's variety of choices anywhere you go.

So last Sunday I went to Lau Pa Sat in search for the filipino food. Lau Pa Sat is a historic building here, which used to be a marketplace way back and turn into a food center now. It is a cast-iron structure, think of San Sebastian Church and the used to be train station in Tutuban.

Yes there is chicken inasal here, and it was closed. Yes it is called Mack's Chicken Inasal Atbp and not Mang Inasal. This the reason why I came here. Because back home Mang Inasal chicken is my favorite. I was disappointed as I did not know they were closed on Sundays but will come back here to check the food.


On another wing of the food center is Jolly V. Hahah I was doped, really all along I was thinking of the real thing back home. Oh yes, they offer the same food. Chicken joy, burger steak which the one I ordered. Well it is close to the real thing tastewise so I think. 

Notice the crowd? Yes they are kabayans and they came here  for the pinoy food. 

As I am not happy of what I am having, I end up ordering chili crab on the opposite malay food stall, and boy the best chili crab I had tried so far.

Coffee somewhere, and then time to go home. 

Catching mrt at this station, Raffles Place reminds me back of how far away I am from home.

First of more to come

Today is my first, and yes I do expect more to come, baptism of fire here on my new job assignment. I was called to office this morning. I normally goes direct to jobsite when reporting to work daily and only comes to office twice in a week. Last night I received a call from my immediate boss instructing me to report to office first before proceeding to site this morning. Yes I was summoned and yes I was interrogated. The culprit was a lady who has a reputation of a consistent complainer in the neighborhood.

For the background, the 13 blocks of a housing flats here will be subjected to lift upgrading works, which will commence sometime this April. Prior to that, there are services like telecom lines, power lines, cable lines need to be relocated and rerouted, so there will be a lot of concrete breaking and excavation which will definitely create so much noise in the vicinity.  To cut the story short, this lady complains about the noise by writing with a twist to the town council which the town council forwarded it to the government housing body and end up to our office being the project consultant in charge of the construction. That is why I was subjected to a panel interrogation this morning.

Wala lang masama lang loob ko because it happened during my off day. The lady was a bit overboard, she should have not draft that letter in the first place.

Paying Post, what about?

I had a very interesting conversation earlier this morning. A long lost friend happens to read my blog and I was a bit scared and instantly my mind mentally reviewing my previous entries if I have post that mentioned her, lucky I can't recall I have one. My friend told me I have an interesting entries and asked me what motivates me to blog, I told her honestly that just like others who enjoys blogging because they get something in return, so am I. Her follow up question was how? I said I monetized my blog. That's my main motivation. To be honest I am not a good story teller but I guess not bad either. Then she asked if I heard about get paid to post? I told her I don't have idea how it works and will I be up to it. She led me to the site and I became excited reading the concept. I find it easy and seems great to join right after visiting the site and so immediately I signed in. 

Here's some interesting facts that might entice you. While you can brag products you believe in wether it is your gadget, your favorite food in your favorite restaurant to name some, you get paid in return. Isn't it exciting? There are a lot of opportunities here I must say because advertisers are abound.

Another way is by advertising your product at Paying Post. If you have product to sell, or event you want to advertise, here is what you do. Just like my friend who not just bragging her gadgets  and get paid in return, she also advertise her events and shows thru Paying Post.

Now, I have one opportunity waiting for me to brag.

Talking about favorites

I have a new jobsite, my second so far. 

The project I have here is new to me. All my previous job assignments were mostly new construction whether it is building, road, or housing development. But here we are doing building upgrading works. 

Its going to be a challenge since the place is in hilly location and everywhere you turn there is a garden spot with gazebo. Compared to my first job location which is in relatively flat terrain where navigating from one building to another is a walk in the park, this new location has a lot of steps to climb between buildings. But this is no longer new to me.

In many projects that I have involved in, I have favorites. A certain job assignment  becomes favorite because of the project itself or due to the location of the project. The Taipan Place is a favorite because it was my first high rise project and it is in the city  just like the Picadilly Star building in the Fort area which I left abruptly for Singapore. The subdivision development in Tagaytay is not one of them but working in Tagaytay is. But the project I involved in in Malaysia where we cut the tip of two mountains in the middle of the jungle to built a colmar village and a castle for a mountain resort is the opposite of the case in Tagaytay. Going to work in the middle of the jungle at first was okay but not for months. Palau, Libya, Saudi Arabia projects were a bit regrettable.

The project I have involved in in Boracay was so far my favorite project and assignment-wise. Who would not like to be assigned in Boracay? Though it was difficult and a very challenging project, it was a rewarding one. Why not, two working days off monthly with a return ticket back to Manila, a weekend diving, nightly stroll with occasional drink in the beach were more than enough to say it is a dream job. The project is a 13 hectare high end resort development. The project team involved where big names in the industry. The company I worked with is the one who designed the iconic Bird's Nest and the Sydney Opera House to name two. What makes this project challenging was the ever changing of design while construction was on-going. Resizing of floor area, layout changing while the sub-structure work was on-going. There was one building block which was twisted out, though the foundation was already in placed,just because it was not in correct orientation of the seaview. Everybody who were involved in the project were having a hard time. Due to complexity of the project, the working drawings have to done as the construction progresses. I pity my colleagues in office who were to endure sleepless nights for the project. How could they not be, when the owner decides to do revision, architects had to succumb and so us engineers and the rest of the project team. Most of the structural works was in placed when I left the project abruptly, which I have no regrets. The story behind it? No! I don't want to dwell on. Words will not be appropriate in this blog.

The target opening of the project was in October last year, and later move to December but I learned from their website that it will be scheduled to open on March 2. I don't think all the facilities will be ready by then.

How is your math?

It's not really that complicated.

A different monday

I woke up late today and stay bed two hours more before getting up and have coffee just before noon. I don't know why it was so difficult for me to get up this morning. I don't even have a cozy bed as my room is quite small. While on bed I was watching tv while checking mails, twitter, and updates facebook  via iPhone. Late on waking up I was not able to catch the initial telecast of the Amazing Race new season in its entirety, got to catch the replay tonight for the full show.

I did not even stay out late last night. Right after mass and dinner, tough I planned to catch Slamdog after dinner  which I opted after not to, I  go back straight home. Coffee somehow perked me up a little bit so heeding to shower was the next best thing as morning's weather was humid and hot.

Given my state of  listlessness, cooking for lunch was the last thing for me to do. Downstair hawkers place was the only option, and surprised to found out that in my frequent visits in this place it was only now that I noticed there was a stall there that offers thai food. With no hesitation, I ordered the food by pointing on the photo in the menu as the inscription was in chinese and no way I will know the food name.

Though its thai food, taste doesn't quite good. Thanks for eat bulaga, I was able to finished the food before the show ended. 

Then suddenly rain fall, and surprisingly heavy with thunderstorm accompaniment, a welcome respite. 

Just the rain stopped two birds probably on their dates and  was disturbed by the rain made a quick stop on my window and before they flew away they had a chit chat  that somehow perked me. Now I want to go out comes the sky outside clears out. Time to catch Slumdog Millionaire and find out why  the west was crazy about the movie.

What's the point?

I can't run away from the purpose of this day though trying to...so here's a word of wisdom from someone who's been.

"Never take for granted every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you have lost a diamond because you were too busy collecting stones"

Figure these out

The day this blog commenced, September 8, 2006. Enticed by what others doing, I decided to have one though I have no idea how it will be develop.

The day of the resurrection, December 23, 2008. So to speak because I have completely forgotten that I have this blog.

The total number of my post so far, and number of friends blog in the blogroll.

The number of visitors recorded by e-referrer.com since subscription date, January 30, 2009

The total page views by visitors as tracked down by sitemeter.com since subscription date, December 24, 2008

The time this entry was made, lol.

Some Sunday

I attended mass in Novena Church in the morning because the mass is in filipino, and also because I want to see the thaipusam hindu festival after. As usual the church was filled of kabayans, I came just in time so I ended up standing just beside the door entrance.

After mass, I headed to the nearby mall for a simple lunch. I don't know what the food name is, and would not bother to ask since the one manning the counter is from China. You have to choice the ingredients on the display counter. A minimum of 7 items is required and instantly it will be cook by putting them in a strainer and dip in boiling water. Then it will be mixed in precooked soup and goes with a cup of rice.

After lunch and while eavesdropping to the conversations of the group of probably csr or pinay nurses sitting next behind me, I took some pictures of outside view just so I can catch their attention. Nobody gave a hint, poor me. After the table cleaner came to pick up my used dish, it's time for me to leave the place.

I took the mrt at the mall basement to Outram station heading to the temple location as guided according to the online street finder. I was lost in translation and nowhere I can find the place and found myself in Chinatown.

Sensing I will not find what I am looking, I acted like a tourist and asked for direction and info on how and where I can locate these Cadavi bearers. Some locals minding stalls in Chinatown area are clueless and don't have idea where is the thaipusam being held, strange because it is being held annually. After few tries and after mentioning the cue word India someone told me to go Little India, and instantly my lightbulb turns on and true enough I have seen the Cavadi bearers along the Serangoon Road. These reminds me of via crucis back home during holy week.

I did not stay long as I can not stand the hot weather , I opted for home. But upon arriving the Woodland mrt station I decided to dropped by Kentucky for an afternoon snack and decided after to catch Benjamin Button. A man who aged backwards and getting younger as he watches those around him growing older. On his remarkable physical quirk, why it never attracts any medical or media attention in the film, just my thoughts.

Some people have stricken by lightning 7 times, some people made buttons, some people came and go, and if only some people have 5 minutes.

Indeed, sunday. Some sunday.

Help Me

When you look at an object on a first glance, do you see it as is?Oftentimes yes, right?

I have this new friend I meet in a social networking site. She has photos posted on her page, so I have an idea on how she look. Her facepics, candid shots, travel photos, even photos of her pet, made me come up with an image of how she would be as a person and her character. When we decided to meet in flesh for the first time, she was exactly as how she registered on mind. As the meeting progresses, I noticed that my impression of her changes. At the end of the meeting, she turns out completely different from my first impression and from the person I have painted on my mind prior to the meeting. Does she turns better from my first impression? Hmmn I won't tell.

What can you tell about the picture above?

How about this picture? What image come out from your mind?

My friend asked me to e-mail him my interpretation of the images above. I have no idea except an image of a lady on the first pic. That is my first impression. But then again...

Help me.

The Chingay Parade

Last saturday I have no plan of catching the Chingay parade since I learned from the adverts in papers that you have to have ticket to watch it. I will not spend money just to watch a parade where back home it is a free affair and well a boring thing i thought. But eventually ended up watching it. My plan was to just have dinner in Esplanade promenade as I was craving for steamboat. I took the mrt and alighted at Cityhall station. It was so crowded in the station. I traversed the citylink passageway and come out at marina mall and crosses road to Esplanade.

I stop for a while and noticed a grandstand just opposite the promenade.

Then it came to me that you can catch the parade free and the one you going to pay is the seat you will be occupying in a grandstand where participants will be performing in the course of the parade. I learned also that there are 3 such places. The one I saw was in the Marina area.

When I turned back from where I was standing I saw Ara Mina on poster. From what I read, she's coming this month for a show in this place.

Then I walk around Esplanade, I saw a young couple having date, yes a date because I saw the guy gave her a rose when he arrived, he made her wait him?. Three times I watched them kissing. I was too ashamed to take picture of them as they were looking at me directly while doing it. I stood just opposite of them pretending not to notice them, as I might be rude spoiling their dating.

After having dinner, I decided to catch the parade at the other end where I previously standing. As I just squeezed myself in, the guy fronting me keep looking back on me as if I going to rob him, I was so annoyed since he was acting as if he is not in a crowded place. But one thing I can't stand longer was his stinky smell. I stood for awhile and took pictures some more and when I can't stand it anymore I decided to leave and headed back to mrt station